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ByteWare Tech can build a custom computer for your home or for your small business. You can completely customize almost every aspect of the system you purchase from us. All components are purchased from reliable, trusted sources, and are installed by a qualified, professional technician.

All of our computers feature a one year standard warranty. Most of our custom computers come with a two year standard warranty, including in-house repairs, and telephone support. You can upgrade to a two-year TotalProtection™ warranty, featuring on-site repairs or you could upgrade to a three-year standard or a three-year TotalProtection™ warranty. The choice is all yours.

Once the warranty runs out, what happens?

If a component that is still under the manufacturer's warranty malfunctions, we will replace it for free. No labor charges, no strings attached. Absolutely free. If the item in question is no longer under warranty, or you have further support questions, you can still have ByteWare Tech repair the problem or otherwise provide support, for a small fee. Please see our computer repair page for more details.

So what can you customize in this system?

Almost everything! If you don't know what's best for you, just tell us what you want to do with the system, and we'll be happy to decide what's best for you. We won't try to upsell you to something more expensive if you don't need it or want it.

So will this system fit my budget?

As described above, we can customize almost everything on your new system. So your system's price will change based on what kind of power you need. We can build an inexpensive computer for Internet and email use only, right on up to the most cutting-edge gaming system. You tell us your budget and your needs, and we'll build a system for you.

Pricing Information

Pricing is completely dependent on the components selected for your custom system. Prices of components are dependent on current market pricing.

For more information, including pricing, please request a quote by contacting our sales department at

Example systems and detailed pricing information coming soon.

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